I started teaching when I was 18 and I enjoy doing it since I started more than 15 years ago. Also I have to say it has many big advantages.

In one side, teaching always helped me to understand and incorporate better some concepts and ideas and develop them. Also when thinking exercises, methods and routines for my students, many of which I can use then in my own practice. More important, by teaching you can learn from your students. Discover new musicians, new styles and also learn and get inspired from them. So in my case I think that teaching so early helped me to become a better musician. 

In the other hand, I became friend of many of my former students. I think lessons are not only for learning/teaching guitar or music. Also it´s a good moment to talk about some other stuff that can maybe bring some more inspiration to the music. To know the student interests and lifestyle it´s really helpful when I´m preparing the lessons so I know where are they more comfortable, which things inspire them and which other things it´s better not to talk about. 

I also think that teaching is not an automatic activity (luckily!). That´s why I use to have a short meeting with every student before they start learning with me. So we can talk about their connection with music, their previous experiences, their expectations. After that meeting I know them better and I can prepare customized lessons which fit better with every one. 

However, I have a general proposal for lessons depending on the age of the student, his expectations and his previous experiences. You can check it below. 

Also, as times are changing and also because I´m currently based in Graz (Austria), I´m teaching both face-to-face and online lessons (Zoom/Skype/Facetime). In both cases I provide the students the whole material

IMPORTANT: Lessons can be in Spanish, English and German, depending on the student demands. 

If you are interested you can contact me by email: martiniaies7@gmail.com or filling the form here 

I will be happy of answer any questions concerning with the lessons. 


Children (from 7 to 12)

The goal of these lessons is to give the student a first approach to music, with guitar as the main vehicle in this journey. 

We start working and playing with rhythms and simple songs. Also, I introduce them the idea of the music as an Art, promoting him to know new music styles and possible sounds, and trying to translate this in the guitar. 

Youngsters  (from 13 to 18) 

At this age, teenagers use to start developing a personal taste related with Musical Styles. So the idea in the lessons is to play the music they like in the guitar, encouraging them to transcribe music and learn the specific resources of each style. Also, to research for new artists related with the ones they already know and like. 

In these lessons I also start teaching them fundamentals of music theory, harmony and ear training, as they are really important for developing skills in the instrument, for writing music, for improvising and for understanding what´s happening in the tunes they like. 

Also, if the student wants it, I help them with some vocal training, as it´s a good skill to sing while playing. 

Professional preparation 

The idea of this course is to form students who want to start developing a professional career in music

I can help them to prepare their auditions to Music Conservatories (both Classical and Jazz/Pop courses) but also the option of a long-term course, where I tutor them in their Musical journey, helping them in the different topics a professional musician needs to work on.

The topics we work during the lessons are varied: 

Guitar technique (Classical/Electric or both) 
Music theory (Harmony, counterpoint, composition, arrangements) 
Fundamentals of piano. 
Ear training 
Software applied to music (Finale, Sibelius, Sequencers) 

Lessons for adults 

The lessons are directly oriented to the style that the student wants and his/her needs.

We can combine every of the topics I mentioned in the Professional Preparation courses, and also playing songs, singing, etc.


The possibility of playing with other people is fundamental in the learning process. It allows to put into practice all that one learns, it generates a great development of the ear and, above all, it is a way of bonding with others. That is why I decided to start offering this kind of classes.
Mainly guitar ensembles, but also multi-instrumental ensembles.

The modality (frequency and duration of the classes, type of ensemble, place of the classes) is defined on a case by case basis.