Last Tuesday, March 28th, I had the pleasure and happiness of presenting live my new project, the Martin Iaies 10tet.

Like everyone, the pandemic and its restrictions made me change a lot. In the strictly musical aspect, the fact of not being able to play with people for a long time made me focus on composition. I always composed, long before even playing jazz, but always thinking that those compositions were to be played as soon as possible.
During the pandemic I was lucky enough to study online with Johannes Berauer, a tremendous Austrian composer and teacher. And during the continuity of the classes, Johannes was motivating me to write for larger ensembles than I was used to play, and even in formats where perhaps there was no guitar. In other words, to write music that I was not going to play, or at least not in the medium term.

The work done with Johannes I continued over the last year and a half with Ed Partyka, another incredible teacher, musician, composer and conductor. And last 28th I was able to premiere this group playing a set of 7 compositions combining original compositions and arrangements of Argentine standards and folk music.


The group is completed by:
Jonathan Herrgesell: alto and soprano saxophones and clarinet.
Klara Lavriša: alto and soprano saxophones and clarinet
Tobias Hoffmann: tenor saxophone and clarinet
Miloš Kostár: baritone saxophone and bass clarinet
Kaan Karadavut: trumpet and flugelhorn
Matthias Bernsteiner: trombone
Thomas Quendler: piano
Jernej Vindšnurer: double bass
Andreas Reisenhofer: drums



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