Album release!

In June 2021 I was lucky enough to be invited by Asier Ardaiz to record his debut album.
Asier is a virtuoso Spanish trumpet player whom I met in 2019 during my studies in Graz and whom I am lucky to count as one of the great friends that music gave me.

This album was released on all platforms in the last few weeks and is an album worth listening to. Asier arranged 8 Anime songs (Japanese music from animated series) for jazz combo, in different styles and instrumentations.

The album is titled "HERE" and you can listen to it at the following link:


1. Rush
2. Here
3. Adieu
4. Isabella´s Lullaby
5. Glassy Sky
6. Fukashigi no carte
7. Tonari no Totoro
8. Presence - Yuujin A


Asier Ardaiz: trumpet, flugelhorn & cornet / arrangements
Miriam Kulmer: vocals
Jonathan Herrgesell: alto sax & clarinet
Wesley Rubim: trombone
Martin Iaies: electric and acoustic guitar
Markus Neuwirth: piano
Kajetan Kamenjasevic: doublebass
Sebastian Baumgartner: drums

Recorded by Leon Merkel at KUG Studio (Graz, Austria) in June 2021

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