I come from a family of musicians: my father Adrian, jazz pianist (and composer, arranger, producer, educator); my grandmother Betty, his mother, piano teacher. Obviously my first instrument was the piano. When I was 4 years old, my dad sat me down at the piano, taught me the notes on the white keys and told me to call my grandmother on the phone so that she would be the one to take care of my education. 

As a teenager, out of rebelliousness but also because of musical tastes (RAMONES, Led Zeppelin, Divididos), came the desire to play the guitar. And one day chatting with my teacher at the time, I was about 16 years old, I came to the conclusion that nothing of what I saw at school interested me. Just making music.  

Iaies has acquired a warm and personal tone in the guitar - a tone that suits both the ballads and the songs with more temperament in them. The four young men dress each other and the music tells that Martín Iaies is a musician with an exciting career ahead of him for many decades” - Tor Hammero (NO)

— Nettavisen

Everything that came after was the same as for everyone. Developing technical skills, learning theory, discovering new music, starting to compose, forming bands. In short, maturing as a musician (and as a person). But the cornerstone was what came before, which is something that I constantly reaffirm in conversations with myself: the certainty that music is the only thing that interests me and makes me happy.  

During all these years I was able to study in different institutions and privately with tremendous teachers, both in Argentina and Austria and even in New York. But above all, I was lucky enough to play with incredible and motivating musicians and to carry out challenging projects that gave me new tools and ideas that forged me as a musician.

I am currently living in Graz (Austria), where I came in 2019 with the idea of finishing my guitar studies (that I did on 2022) but curiosity led me to continue studying and to dive into composing for large ensembles. 

Iaies manages to develop a personal and distinctive language that, based on the history of style, does not prevent him from incorporating elements that point towards the future (...). It highlights the strength and cohesion of the quartet and the versatility of Iaies both instrumentally and in its role as leader ” - Marcelo Morales (ARG)

— El Intruso

I recorded in 2022 my second album NEW BEGINNINGS, to be released in October 2023 on the US label Ears and Eyes Records and which I will be performing live during 2024. In 2022 I also formed my first large ensemble, the MARTIN IAIES 10tet, a group with which we will record in 2024 the first album of the ensemble.   

At the same time I teach, compose, arrange and produce. And when I have some time left I manage to find something else related to music. As I said before, the only thing I'm interested in doing.

The Argentine guitarist Martin Iaies makes a promising debut on disc. Compositions of his own demonstrate their mastery of classical jazz language” - Carlos Calado (BRA)


  • Master in Arts - Jazz Guitar - Kunstuniversität Graz (Austria). Finished in 2022.
  • Master in Arts - Jazz composition and arrangement - Kunstuniversität Graz (Austria). In progress.
  • Bachelor in Folk Music - Jazz Guitar - Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda (Argentina). Finished in 2015.
  • Bachelor in Folk Music - Jazz Guitar - Conservatorio Superior Manuel de Falla (Argentina). Not finished.


  • Guitar lessons in Buenos Aires (ARG) with Armando Alonso, Javier Cohen, Marcelo Gutfraind, Juan Pablo Arredondo, Sergio Alvarez, Marcelo Kitay, Leo Álvarez and Darío Tepman, in Graz (AUT) with Guido Jeszenszky and in New York City (USA) with Peter Bernstein, Gilad Hekselman, Peter Mazza, Jack Wilkins and Rory Stuart.
  • Improvisation lessons in Buenos Aires with Ernesto Jodos, Mariano Loiácono and Juan Cruz de Urquiza, in Graz with Renato Chicco and in New York with Ralph Alessi and Gary Smulyan.
  • Ensembles in Buenos Aires with Ernesto Jodos, Eloy Michelini, Marcelo Gutfraind, Ariel Goldemberg, Pablo Raposo, Carlos Lastra and Mariano Loiácono and in Graz with Heinrich von Kalnein, Renato Chicco and Luis Bonilla.
  • Classical Harmony, Counterpoint and Composition with Daniel Montes.
  • Piano with Susana Kasakoff and Betty Grinjot.
  • Composition and arrangement with Ed Partyka and Johannes Berauer.


  • Workshops and masterclass with Barry Harris, John Stowell, Ben Goldberg, Kiko Ruiz, Yotam Silberstein, Jonathan Kreisberg, Lage Lund, Ben MonderSylvain Luc, Marc Ducret, David Gilmore, among many others.